COVID-19 General Information & FAQs - Updated 15.05.2020

We understand that many of you have concerns over your gym membership and the arrangements in place. The following FAQs may help answer some of your questions but please note that gyms are closed due to Government rulings, as such their staff are on furlough and we have no staff to contact at the gyms during this time.

1.GymFlex memberswith active membership (start date prior to April 2020) have had their membershipfrozen by the gym - what does this mean?

  • This is a pause/postponement to gym access. The time the gym is closed will be added to the end of the gym contract once the gym re-opens. For example if gyms are shut for three months then three months will be added to your 12 month membership, thus the renewal for theirmembership would occur threemonths after theirscheduled renewal date. You will still be provided with your 12 months worth of access, albeit over a longer period of time. Your membership will end once your full membership term has been supplied. GymFlex can manage reminders to assist with this.
  • For clients with a fixed annual enrolment where the membership freezes will put employees 'out of sync' GymFlex are looking at arranging a pro-rata rate on renewal for you. This is to be confirmed at the later stage.

2.Why am I still paying for the gym membership when I can't use it?

  • Your gym membership style is an annual paid upfront agreement. Your company has purchased this for the year and recoups the cost back via your salary each month. GymFlex are not responsible for your salary deductions, these are made by your company in line with the salary sacrifice/deduction agreement you committed to when selecting the benefit.

3.If a membership is frozen when does it restart?

  • Memberships will recommence once the gyms reopen. As this date is unknown, Incorpore will advise once the situation becomes clearer.

4.Can a membership be cancelled?

  • Gym staff are on furlough so no cancellation requests can be reviewed. COVID-19 is not considered a lifestyle event by the gyms and cancellation requests on those grounds are not being accepted. Any cancellation requests in line with your gyms lifestyle policy might be considered however this will be on hold until all gyms become operational.

5.I am on furlough leave, what does this mean for my pay and membership?

  • From GymFlex's perspective nothing differs to the above. Your benefit arrangements will be dealt with by your employer.

6.What if I leave the company during this period?

  • As standard the membership is for the full 12 month term. Our understanding is that it is usual practice for employers to deduct the gym membership 'balance' from your final pay.

7.My annual enrolment is coming up, will I be able to select or renew my gym membership?

  • Not until there is a clear and defined date that gyms are reopening.
  • GymFlex are investigating options with the gym providers, including but not limited to pro-rata memberships, in order to service employees with strict annual only enrolments. Once the situation has become clearer we will speak with your employer and able to offer firmer solutions.

8.I'm not sure if I'm comfortable returning to the gym, where does this leave me?

  • We understand that many people may have concerns but gyms will only reopen when deemed safe to do so and the rules in which they may need to follow will be strict. As time progresses we will get a clearer picture over the measure put in place to ensure everyone is kept safe. We will be discussing these concerns with gyms once they become operational, at this present time we cannot unfortunately advise further.

9.Are gyms issuing confusing comms?

  • The gyms issued generic comms to all their members with regards to memberships being frozen. The explanation appears to be sound but it does not tackle about the specific GymFlex terms regarding payment, your membership is classed as 'annual pre-paid' and your company makes this upfront payment on your behalf. The default position is your memberships have been frozen.

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