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About GymFlex

Discounted annual gym memberships via Salary Sacrifice or Net Pay Deductions.

GymFlex is the combination of many of the UK's leading gym chains, leisure centres, hotel health clubs, independent gyms, boot camps and yoga studios who are committed to supplying us with the lowest corporate annual membership rates.

GymFlex is a product provided by Incorpore – the health club company. Established in 2001, Incorpore continues to be the leading provider of corporate health club memberships to the employee benefit and healthcare markets in the UK and Ireland. Serving over two million employees from over 1,000 companies we are passionate about improving employee wellbeing, and promoting the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

By offering a wide choice of clubs, employees are more likely to join the club they really want – closest to home or work. The company will benefit from this increased take-up of gym memberships by having a more active, productive, profitable and happier workforce. Please see our Introduction Guide below.

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