Welcome to GymFlex we have thousands of health clubs memberships available to select via your company flex or salary sacrifice scheme.

You should by now have been given a company login code, if you haven't please speak to your human resources department and they will issue you with one.

Once you have your company code, simply enter this into the company login on the GymFlex homepage to proceed. You will then need to enter your postcode and choose a membership. If you are an existing member you should be able to swap immediately onto the new cheaper rate EVEN if you are in a fixed term contract.

Certain terms and conditions of gym membership are generic and do not take into account the discounts available by salary sacrifice through your employer. Please note that as these individuals terms and conditions of gyms or health clubs may vary, in any circumstances GymFlex terms and conditions take precedent and all memberships are for the term agreed. Please see the terms and conditions link once logged in.